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Re: Want to help out with debian-edu?

Le mardi 19 juillet 2005 à 11:34 +0200, Jonas Smedegaard a écrit :
> I would be happy to work with you on group-maintaining the packages: Get
> yourself an account at alioth.debian.org and post me a signed email with
> your login name (assuming we are related in the web of trust). we can
> then work together through Subversion on the packaging, and I can do the
> actual releases to Debian.

That's the way to go. That's what I suggested as well. And it's very
similar to the discussion we're currently having on debian-qa (even if
the motivations are different):

Which alioth project do you intend to use ? I think it can be
"debian-edu" since the project already has a subversion repository...

> If in fact you are doing all the clever work
> on the packaging then that is off course reflected in the changelogs of
> the resulting official Debian packages, and must (IMHO) be taken into
> account when applying for Debian membership.

Sure, having worked regularly on several packages already integrated
within Debian counts during the process of becoming a DD. 

> [0] I believe the current logic of "package sponsoring" to be broken:
> The "Maintainer" field of a package indicates who is ultimately
> responsible for the packaging for Debian - signing packages not built by
> Debian developers distorts this. If sceptical and interested then tell
> me (without arguing at first), and I will dig up some references to
> older discussions on the topic...

That's not how the "sponsorship" currently works. The DD always rebuilds
the source package after having checked the packaging.

Raphaël Hertzog

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