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Re: Want to help out with debian-edu?

[about educational packages apt-getable at debian.ofset.org/dists]

cd40 tice a écrit :
> We already have sponsors for some package (drgeo drgeo-doc, and Georges
> Khaznadar has probably others sponsors aswell, I think for WIMS ones but
> some problems occur with these package, don't know exactly what).
> Personnaly I don't have the free time to do more but Georges may think
> differently.
> The other packages could be handle by a RFP as you suggested.

Hello Hilaire,

I agree. If there are enough good DDs to maintain the educational
packages we use, so let us send requests for packaging.

The fun is that I already got an e-mail from Jim Lynch, who asked me if
I'd be interested in assuming the responsibility of scientific educational
packages he maintained (this was in a thread concerning the package
gperiodic, an educational package about the periodic table in chemistry).

If the situation is what I imagine, our skills can be joined to do good
work. I'd like to be more directly part of the debian-edu project (I
already consider myself as a contributor since the work initiated in
France with the distribution debian-education brought up by a huge
work of Raphael Hertzog in year 2001, see

Best regards,			Georges.

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