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Re: Want to help out with debian-edu?

We already have sponsors for some package (drgeo drgeo-doc, and Georges
Khaznadar has probably others sponsors aswell, I think for WIMS ones but
some problems occur with these package, don't know exactly what).
Personnaly I don't have the free time to do more but Georges may think
The other packages could be handle by a RFP as you suggested.

El Sat, Jul 16, 2005 at 12:19:24AM +0200, cd40 tice va escriure:
> > Good starting point. Most Live CDs base on Knoppix (i.e. Debian) 
> > and hence, 
> > use exclusively debianized Software. What ways are there to spot 
> > educational 
> > Software that has not been debianized yet?
> For Freeduc-cd we have a debianized repository for packages not yet in
> Debian, http://debian.ofset.org/dists. 
> We are also interested to get those packages in main Debian but we can
> not do it by ourselves.

  May I ask what is the problem with the packages? Have you tried to get
  sponsors to upload them into Debian? If you don't want to maintain them,
  have you sent RFP bugs for them?

  Just curiosity.

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