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weekly report week 2, 3

This report covers the last two weeks since I didn't get one written
last week.

Done week 2:
 - Updated d-i ia64 kernel udebs to new abiname and associated changes.
 - Standard security work. Began tracking whether DSAs are fixed in sarge
   at their time of release.
 - Built x-10 power cycling contraption, added x-10 support to digress, and 
   added an alpha to my test network.
 - A few alpha fixes to make it work on my test network.
 - Made sure that the desktop task works with the fixed apt in unstable.
 - Documented my whole d-i test setup so I can take it apart and put it
   back together etc.

Done week 3:

  - Standard security work (filing bugs, NMUing, sponsoring uploads,
    tracking status, security report)
  - Noticed several reports that LVM root was broken in the initrd-tools
    initrd in sarge. Got this fixed.
  - Tasksel updates to fix the Chinese tasks, and deal with some changes in
  - Gathered info and made another report on the status of the kernel
    abiname transition, which is the main blocker for d-i rc3.
  - Began deciding which updated udebs to accept for rc3.
  - Work on dropping 2.4 kernels for hppa.
  - Made sure tht full debian CD #1 is still usable and all despite kernel,
    gnome, and kde changes.

Plans for this week:

 - Make sure that netinst CDs are right size with fixed debian-cd.
 - Keep working on the kernel abi name change and security fixes in d-i.
 - More plnning for d-i rc3.
 - Keep working on sarge security.
 - Thursday will be spent enroute to Oslo for the developers meeting, and I
   return on the 31st.
 - At the meeting, I plan to:
   - Put some faces to names and meet old friends.
   - See how an expert does a skolelinux install.
   - Talk about things like 2.6 kernel support (and associated lvm issues),
     partmn vs autopartkit, and sarge security.
   - I'm sure things will develop that I've not anticipated.

see shy jo

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