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Yes, I will participate in the developer gathering, 28-30 January, 2005


* Name: RalfGesellensetter

* Travel expenses: 315 Euro

* Which part of the gathering you are joining:
  Documentation & translation (if this is combineable) 

* If you are joining us for dinner on Friday and/or Saturday
  Arriving at Oslo Airport at 2200 hrs on Friday, I'll miss that dinner.
  But I'd like to join Dinner on Saturday.

* If you are a developer we want to know which Bug(s) you are going to
  work on as well. 
  As a teacher, I am interested in discussing additional features for 
  webmin  / wlus, for instance, but for development, I'd need some deep
  instructions ;)
  I probably won't carry a notebook (am I the only one?) so I will have 
  to adapt to the given circumstances.

I hope this posting makes it more convenient for the organization team. 
Thanks to you all for preparing!


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