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weekly report week 1

(Probably should have called last week week 53 or some such thing.)

Done this week (2-8 Jan):
 - Set up a web page listing unfixed security holes in sarge with details,
   updated hourly: http://merkel.debian.org/~joeyh/testing-security.html
 - Added a companion page that singles out the security holes on the
   debian-edu CD: http://debian-edu.alioth.debian.org/logs/securitylist.html
 - Fix some annoying tasksel bugs.
 - Took a day for general package maintenance in debhelper, debconf, etc.
 - More work on tracking new security holes and NMUing packages to fix
   security holes and working to get fixes into testing.
 - Designed a remote power switching system using X10 for my test rack that
   should be hundreds of dollars cheaper than ethernet managed power
   control, and ordered parts.

Plans for this week:

 - Make sure that desktop task begins to install with fixed apt, that
   netinst CDs are right size with fixed debian-cd, and that 2.6 installs
   on my proliant work with fixed initrd-tools, and that full debian CD #1
   is still usable and all despite kernel, gnome, and kde changes.
 - Keep working on the kernel abi name change and security fixes in d-i.
 - Keep working on sarge security.
 - Work out a good way to begin tracking relative time-to-fix for security
   holes in sid, sarge, and stable, for comparisons.
 - Build x-10 power cycling contraption and add new powerpc and alpha
   machines to automated test network.
 - Work on RC bugs on debian-edu packages.

see shy jo

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