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Re: Weekly report week 1, plans for week 2

On Tue, Dec 21, 2004 at 10:36:48AM +0100, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> i started on this, but the size of this task is a bit scary: it
> includes splitting up a 480kbyte python file in two. 

this is what i spend most of my week with: I learned it would be
best to fork the feidegvs command set and that i would need to
create a new Constants.py file, describing our setup in detail.
(this might be ok for debian-edu is not optimal for a generic
debian package.) Creating a proper Constants.py file in turn
requires a good understanding of cerebrum. furthermore i
researched some java issues of jbofh.

During the time i waited for input on the above, i worked a bit
on the wlus test infrastructure and the afs problems (which got
solved by hartmans mostly).

furthermore i spend some time to get funding for kerberos
bindings for python (now i look for a coder wanting to do the
job) and debconf5 organizing.

next week (2) i will 
- create and estimate of how much time i spend on cerebrum
- create a Constants.py file for cerebrum
- work on the jbofh_cmds.py for cerebrum
- fill time gaps with work on the wlus testing framework
- debconf5 sponsorship

> Further future goals are to 
> - shrink the import script in size (some more redundancy to
>   remove).
> - work on the wlus testframework, so that work on wlus can be
>   picked up again in a controlled way
> - write a cerebrum backend for wlus
> - switch wlus to that cerebrum backend
> - compile jbofh into binaries, eliminating some dependencies
> - attempt again to build the cerebrum documentation

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