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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

Bård Farstad wrote:

With eZ publish you have the multilingual translation features handling this for you. If any piece of content are changed you get an e-mail with the content that has changed. You can either get these notifications on a site wide basis or just for the parts where you have the responsibility of maintaining a translation. eZ publish has also full support for Unicode (UTF-8) so the character sets should be no problem. You can see an example of this setup at http://fast.no. Even transliteration is supported.

Sounds promising.

If you want to work offline you can do so in OpenOffice.org and write your documents there. These documents can be directly imported into eZ publish. Import takes place either via the eZ publish Web interface, but also with WebDAV which provides you with a document management infrastructure integrated in your desktop.

Is it possible to get a CVS-ish workflow, that is you check out a working copy, edit it using your favorite text editor and then commit the changes? Avoiding having to use a web interface at all would be preferable.

There was also discussed performance issues for times with large traffic, e.g. if the site is Slashdotted. You can use Squid with eZ publish to handle this kind of traffic. That is no problem. You also have internal caching mechanisms which can generata a total static html page whenever the content is updated. This html file can be directly served via apache. You can even configure eZ publish to do this only for some sections of the site, and leave others like a search page stay dynamic.

(To avoid possible misunderstandings: This is not a problem today. We survived slashdotting in June with a peak load of 0.08 or so. See <URL: http://www.skolelinux.org/webalizer/usage_200406.html#DAYSTATS >)

Alex Brasetvik

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