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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

torsdag 20 januar 2005, 12:50, skrev Derick Rethans:
> We have of course database changes once in a while, and for upgrade
> we usually have both an SQL (DDL) upgrade script, but also PHP based
> scripts to upgrade the data in the database. Unless this database
> schema is changed (should never happen), you can do upgrades between
> versions pretty easily.

That's good news. 

Also remember that Debian in general and also Skolelinux jump versions. 
We have seen that with KDE that is at version 2.2.2 in Skolelinux, and 
will be 3.3.1(or 3.3.2) in the sarge version. The same could easily be 
the issue with net services as Webmin or DHCP. Then the configuration 
script and updates also has to tackle an upgrade when the schools jump 
versions without knowing that they do. 
Knut Yrvin

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