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Weekly report week 2 and next step

-- * Last Week
10 Jan: Workshop at Kapp Næringshage Peter Aas:  Design of a economics model 
for IKT  investments in Norwegian School.
11 Jan: At Oslo office, planning for Stordrift project together with Knut 
Yrvin. 14:00 - 17:00 Participate at a Conferance for Strategi hold by AFCEA.
12 Jan: Participate at Conference "Use of open source programs in office" held 
by  Telemark, Buskerud, Vestfold region. 
13 Jan: At Kongsviner documentation of the operational concept.
14: Jan: 13:14  Meeting with Project grouop at HIG.

* Next step
- 17. jan Hurum Municipality 11:00. About centralised operation with
-18 Jan LangHolm Design: Doing  a proposel for information broshure for 
- 19. Jan. Meeting with the Municipality at Nittedal with the head of
      the administration, some politician, and the ICT-manager.
21: Jan:  13:00  Meeting with Project group at HIG.


- Continuing: Situation update at all Skolelinux sites, a update call for 
contact persons at all known sites (using list at www.skolelinux.org).
- Guiding for a Skolelinux project at HIG (Høyskolen i Gjøvik).
- Prepare a information broshure for Rectors and Scoolowners together with 
- A lot of preparation to get the right angel at the centralised
  opeartion reports
-Prepare meeting with politicans in Gjøvik and Nittedal
-- Write a introducture for the documentian part of  the operational concept.

Tosten Tøfte


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