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Re: eZ in Debian-Edu and on skolelinux.org?

>From Stefan Padberg on Tuesday, 2005-01-18 at 09:29:24 +0100:

> But:
> It is not possible to work offline. But I don't know why this should be 
> necessary. You can prepare your text to publish offline with an editor 
> or with open office, then you go online and copy it into the page you 
> have choosen. So what?

Maybe I am responsible for 50+ pages, and I want to modify all 50+
of them simultaneously with a script (this example is not merely
hypothetical).  Will I then have to copy the 50+ pages manually 
onto the website, or can they all be put into place simultaneouly
with e.g. rsync?  What if I change my mind the next day and I
decide to change all 50+ pages again?

This is the way that I currently manage the snofrix website.
Any program that prevents me from operating in this way
is unlikely to win my favor.

I should add that plone is currently on my hate list because
the flags (representing different languages) have still not
found their way onto the snofrix pages.  This sounds like
a little thing, but I think it points to deeper problems:

1)  I do not know how to make the changes myself, and 
2)  the people who do know how seem to believe that it 
    is a very time-consuming operation.  

Although (1) could be traced to ignorance or stupidity on my part,
(2) is more disturbing.  In a good system, I would be able to solve
the problem myself despite my ignorance/stupidity.


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