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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

[Olaf Ronneberger]
> Of course you can mount /etc read-only as long as you don't install or
> update packages, but you _must_ not mount it via NFS (or where do you
> want to put the /etc/fstab then for mounting it :-)

I suspect you are talking about /etc/mtab here.  And it can be a
symlink to /proc/mount to get it automatically updated by the kernel.
There is a problem with the hostname, as it is updated based on the
current IP address and DNS, but it could be changed to store that info
somewhere else (or only write it to the kernel).  There is also a
problem with XF86Config-4, but a symlink pointing somewhere else (or a
newer X without the need for a customized config file) could solve
that problem.  Are there other files in /etc/ being written to outside
package upgrades and installation?  I do not think so.

Hm, I suspect I should try this once, and see how it goes. :)

Or perhaps put /etc/ in CVS and track all changes, as I know some
admins do already.

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