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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

Ralf Gesel|ensetter schrieb:
Hi there,

this is about possible improvements for maintaining skolelinux work stations. Just another set of ideas - please comment if it makes sense and is feasible:

At the moment I hesitate installing an entire lab with slx workstations - not (only) because of woody, but rather because of its maintainance.

As write access should mainly go to NFS mounted home directory, isn't it possible to mount local drives (except swap) r/o ? This could save forced fsck after crude power offs - and prolongue the system' live until re-install, too (easily done from CD if there is no dual boot solution)

To have a better syncing: how about mounting /etc/apt if not /etc from tjener:/skole/workstation/etc or the like? Alternatively some "pull" script could load recent stuff from some space on tjener (rsync or fai?)

The definitions, which part of the filesystem must be mounted read/write, read only, local or via network, shared for different operating systems or os-specific, etc. are written down in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard


e.g., You must not mount /etc via NFS, and it must be an individual directory for each computer, because of the configuration files for the hardware.

So if you want to share a directory like /usr/ via multiple machines with slightly different hardware, you have to do all configurations within /etc/ by hand on each computer instead of letting the package manager do this work.

Therefore a solution with cfengine (and shared apt-config files) is much better.

Of course a remounting some of the local disks to read-only should be possible.


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