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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

[Olaf Ronneberger]
> The definitions, which part of the filesystem must be mounted 
> read/write, read only, local or via network, shared for different 
> operating systems or os-specific, etc. are written down in the 
> Filesystem Hierarchy Standard
>   http://www.pathname.com/fhs/pub/fhs-2.3.html
> e.g., You must not mount /etc via NFS, and it must be an individual 
> directory for each computer, because of the configuration files for the 
> hardware.

If this 'must' was in effect, no knoppix CD would work.  So it is
possible to set up machines with write protected /etc/. :)

> So if you want to share a directory like /usr/ via multiple machines
> with slightly different hardware, you have to do all configurations
> within /etc/ by hand on each computer instead of letting the package
> manager do this work.

I'm sure there are other options except editing /etc/ by hand.

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