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Re: Workstation Maintainance?

Petter Reinholdtsen schrieb:
[Olaf Ronneberger]

The definitions, which part of the filesystem must be mounted read/write, read only, local or via network, shared for different operating systems or os-specific, etc. are written down in the Filesystem Hierarchy Standard


e.g., You must not mount /etc via NFS, and it must be an individual directory for each computer, because of the configuration files for the hardware.

If this 'must' was in effect, no knoppix CD would work.  So it is
possible to set up machines with write protected /etc/. :)

Of course you can mount /etc read-only as long as you don't install or
update packages, but you _must_ not mount it via NFS (or where do you
want to put the /etc/fstab then for mounting it :-)

Knoppix uses a lot of special scripts to set up the files in the /etc -
directory properly for each computer

So if you want to share a directory like /usr/ via multiple machines
with slightly different hardware, you have to do all configurations
within /etc/ by hand on each computer instead of letting the package
manager do this work.

I'm sure there are other options except editing /etc/ by hand.

Yes of course, e.g. writing a number of scripts, which do the work, like
in knoppix. But then you would have to update these scripts every time,
when a new version of a program has new requirements -- and much more
important, the end-user can not install additional software from Debian
without writing a special script, that does the necessary adaptions in
the local directories on each computer.
A cfengine, that executes the required apt-get's on each computer and a
central apt-config database (so that these installations run
non-interactively) will do the same job and works out-of-the-box with
nearly every available Debian package.



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