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Re: Map of schools in Germany ready (Was: Suggestion: Feedback Query Form)

[Ralf Gesel|ensetter]
> ... my Atlas says:

OK.  I changed it to use your values.

> What is that bioimage? looks a bit coarse.

Yeah.  But it was the best I could find for xplanet.  It is a big
image of the earth, zoomed to only show the region of interest.

> Can you have a cronjob recreating the map twice a day or so?

I guess I could, but I hoped the author/maintainer of the school
database would take over and generate it when it is needed.

I made a map of Europe as well,
There are schools in France and Denmark missing coordinates.  I look
forward to someone add the points for the remaining schools.  These
are the locations without coordinates:

  Katharineum zu Luebeck Koenigstr. 27-31 23552 Luebeck
  Freie Waldorfschule Minden Haberbreede 37 32429 Minden
  CRDP Aquitaine / CDDP des Landes 614, rue du ruisseau 40012 Mont de
    Marsan Cedex / FRANCE
  paulsgård laubørdeveien 41231 5210 nåttesø
  Sande skule  6973 Sande i Sunnfjord
  Sæby kommuneskoler, Danmark Rådhus Alle 1 9300 Sæby, DK
  FOS Freie Oberstufenschule Baselland Gründenstrasse 95 CH-4132 Muttenz

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