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Map of schools in Germany ready (Was: Suggestion: Feedback Query Form)

[Ralf Gesel|ensetter]
> Seems like I am not the only one who didn't know of this cute tool!
> With me, Stefan registered as well :)

Looks good.  I added a german map as well.

If you have better arguments to xplanet to only get germany, please
post them here.

At the moment, I'm using these arguments, selected after very little
trial and error:

  xplanet -date "24 Jul 2003 12:00:00" -radius 400 -latitude 50 \
    -longitude 14 -markers -markerfile xplanet-markers.txt \
    -image bio_2400.jpg -output skolelinux-germany.png

It gave me germany and a lot of the rest of europa, but it was close
enough for my needs. :)

The coordinates are fetched from the database, and the map is
generated once in a while, when I remember to do it.

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