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Weekly report week 42, plans for week 43

On Mon, Oct 11, 2004 at 12:23:22PM +0200, Andreas Schuldei wrote:
> > > with user-mode-linux`s rootstrap properly, i will also try to
> > > come up with a patch to rootstrap to let it use debconf
> > > pre-seeding.
> > 
> > i did not get around to that yet.
> i looked into that a bit and now doubt that it is quite as easy
> as i thought. mailed joeyh about it and asked for advice.

by now i put together a solution. i am not sure how good it is
and test it currently.

> did that, partly. the "cerebrum" part is still not sorted out, we
> need to cover the child care issue still.

last week i tried to work around the child (for the cerebrum
meeting), and will continue so next week.

> this week (42) i will
> - continue on the Test.pm class

did that, but am still unhappy with what i came up with untill
now. (i did not spend much time on this, unfortunatly.)

> - try to put together some user-mode-linux images with afs so
>   i see how terminal servers would look like with cross-mounting
>   of users` home-dirs

I got this partially sorted out

> - try to get the debconf pre seeding sorted out with rootstrap

yes, see above

> - go to oslo on fri-sat-son

done. my greatest accomplishments there were to sort out some
voting issues and getting UML to run. 

Furthermore i found, filed and fixed Bug#276189 and #276502,
uploaded schoolbell and -tool, tried to find a place to sleep in
olso and phoned germany regarding debian-edu.

This coming week (43) i will continue with the testsuite`s
Tests.pm module, arrange for travel to the cerebrum developer
meeting, and perhaps some more schooltool stuff.

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