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Weekly report week 40, plans for week 41

* Andreas Schuldei (andreas@schuldei.org) [040927 23:23]:
> this week (40) i will continue to work on the test framework`s
> data storage and dependency system.

did that, and am close to having it debuged, even.

> depending on if i understood joeyh correctly and can interfer
> with user-mode-linux`s rootstrap properly, i will also try to
> come up with a patch to rootstrap to let it use debconf
> pre-seeding.

i did not get around to that yet.

during the week i
- wrote a good deal of email, both following up the oldenburg
  meeting and numerous other issues.
- tried to get some support for the afs conference in stockholm
  in december. strangely i got no answers at all from the
  important people. i did varify that my mail works properly. (c:
- did some paperwork for the oldenburg meeting
- tried to get w-lan encryption (WPA) working on my home network
- did minor debconf5 organizing
- had to cut short on my work on friday since my wife was sick.

If you read this far, i would be thankfull if you could just
quickly reply to this mail (no added content needed). i never get
any feedback and wonder if this is mostly for my own

next week i want to:
- arrange for travel to the cerebrum and debian-edu meeting this
- finish the "dependency" and tackle the "check" part of the
  testing framework

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