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number of inodes on /skole/backup is to small

at my school we had the problem with that the filesystem got full on the /backup partition.
(This is while running slabackup as backup program)

the problem seems to be that the filestystem run out of inodes.
This is due to the default cluster size of mkfs.ext3 is set to 8096 bytes.
On my backup partition with 30GB this means 500 000 inodes.
After running backup on a system with 350 users, where the backup is done of

My proposal is that in some way either there is made a tutorial for making an apropriate inodesize of either 4 or 2 Kilobytes?

Is there some way that autopartkit can take this into account?

There should also be a better error report from slbackup or some check of free inodes to make a easy understandable error message.

Regards Torstein

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