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Re: Outcome of Custom Debian Distro Workshop in Florence

Otavio Salvador wrote:
> apt-utils package, pre-configure all debconf question *before* all
> packages are installed. Right? So, is the same approuch but before we
> configure, we can read a file and then preseed the debconf and the do
> apt-utils run normaly.
> ,----[ /etc/apt/apt.conf.d/70debconf ]
> | // Pre-configure all packages with debconf before they are installed.
> | // If you don't like it, comment it out.
> | DPkg::Pre-Install-Pkgs {"/usr/sbin/dpkg-preconfigure --apt || true";};
> `----
> We need only provide a file in a default way like DEBIAN/preseed and
> then process it on dpkg-preconfigure.
> IMHO, this is the way to go.

IMHO, you'll have a hard time getting such a field into policy. Not so
hard a time getting it into debconf, but I would still prefer to
consider other alternatives. If we had some way to set the order
dpkg-preconfigure used to run scripts, when we could just put a config
script first that did the preseeding, for example.

see shy jo

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