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Re: FAQ splinters

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On 25-09-2004 14:19, Gavin McCullagh wrote:

| As I'm sure you all know, they can't use an editor from the K Menu as
| permissions will not allow it.  They can't su root and start an X-based
| editor either (X security prevents this).

If you talk about access from thin clients and mean the non-existing
security of X11 communication over the wire, then non of the other
options mentioned so far is valid either (key presses when entering the
root password will be sent unencrypted over the wire).

If, instead, you talk about access from the server X11 console itself or
from a regular "thick" client, then use sux. Then you can use whatever
editor you like (and available on the machine, off course), graphical or

Sux is available as a Debian package, but possibly not currently
included with Skolelinux. If not, it is a shell script, so easily
distributable also without messing with multiple APT packages sources.

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