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Re: LVM Tools / GUI

On Friday 30 July 2004 10:58, Petter Reinholdtsen wrote:
> [Thomas Templin]
> > Yepp, you are right if we are talking about woddy.
> >
> > But LinuxTag Sarge comes along with 2.6 kernel, and 2.4 of course.
> > So it might be interesting for Sarge.
> Yes, it would have to be considered for Sarge, not Woody.
> > Most people are somewhat confused / irritated if it comes to LVM and
> > rezising thats what I seee every day.
> Which part of it is irritating?
Not which part...

It's more LVM at all which is irritating or better a xterm plus LVM.
Most teachers seem to have a big aversion to everything which only might look 
as a xterm. 
And this is from more than 10m distance... 

> Do you btw, know which file systems in the 2.6 kernel now supports
> online resizing (ie resize/extend without umount)?  I know it is
> supported by reiserfs, and suspect it is supported by xfs, but is it
> supported by ext3 or anyof the others?
I only saw online resizing up to now on a S390 with an JFS RAID10 stack.

And I woudn't do so even if everybody says that it will work. 
In this point I'm a fundamentalistic purist...

> Online resize would make filesystem resizing a lot more convenient.  I
> don't find 'e2fsadm -L+1g /dev/vg_data/lv_home0 very hard, but it
> would be a lot easier if we didn't have to umount it first.
OK, but we all know what a teacher will say to (or how he / she will react on) 
a commandline like this.

- The teacher will fall on his/her knees and will pray to you as _the_ Linux
- He / she will dissapear faster than Scotty will be able to beam 'em up.

Fist may make you rich.
 Founding a religion is always the second best way to become rich without
 work. The best way would be founding a bank.

Second may make you famous.
 It will be the first proof for a body moving faster than lightspeed. Might be
 good enough for a nobel price.



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