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Re: LVM Tools / GUI

* Petter Reinholdtsen (pere@hungry.com) [040730 10:18]:
> [Thomas Templin]
> > Are there any plans integrating tools like evms to debian-edu / skolelinux
> > http://evms.sourceforge.net/
> > I had a short look on evms, seems it could be a tool for LVM / SW-RAID 
> > maintainance.
> No imediate plans, no.  We limit ourself to the features available on
> the default kernel, so this would have to be delayed until we use the
> 2.6 kernel.  EVMS is missing in the 2.4 kernel as far as I know.

is evms in 2.6?? i recall it was rejected in favour of lvm2 which
is not in 2.6? but i think the evms developers offered to migrate
their tools to lvm2.

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