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Re: LVM Tools / GUI

[Thomas Templin]
> Yepp, you are right if we are talking about woddy.
> But LinuxTag Sarge comes along with 2.6 kernel, and 2.4 of course.
> So it might be interesting for Sarge.

Yes, it would have to be considered for Sarge, not Woody.

> Most people are somewhat confused / irritated if it comes to LVM and
> rezising thats what I seee every day.

Which part of it is irritating?

Do you btw, know which file systems in the 2.6 kernel now supports
online resizing (ie resize/extend without umount)?  I know it is
supported by reiserfs, and suspect it is supported by xfs, but is it
supported by ext3 or anyof the others?

Online resize would make filesystem resizing a lot more convenient.  I
don't find 'e2fsadm -L+1g /dev/vg_data/lv_home0 very hard, but it
would be a lot easier if we didn't have to umount it first.

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