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Re: getting w2k in tjener's domain

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 01:01:42PM +0200, Frank Weißer wrote:
> <zitiere wer="Finn-Arne Johansen">
> > The way to add w2k/xp clients is first to run from the command line on
> > the main server (tjener)
> >  smbpasswd -a root
> >
> Thank you, i just succeeded _changing_ the root-password with webmin's
> samba-interface...
> > then you will have to enter a password. This should not be the same as
> > the ldap admin password.
> >
> ...so the two passwords are different.

Sort of, the password is not set when the installation is done, This is
due to the fact that we dont know the password set during installation
when the samba password is ready to be set. And it should be different
from the password used for ldap admin, since the samba password is
stored on the main server (samba domain controller), not in plain text,
but almost. You need to be root to retreive it, but ...

> > Then you should add you clients to the domain by using the root account
> > with the newly set password when adding to the domain
> >
> ok, but i had added this client using webmin-netgroups _before_. Is this
> necessary, does this hurt?

No, this is not necesarry, since we dont use netgroups with samba. 

> > This should be documented somewhere, but I'm not quite sure were.
> >
> That' why i asked here (c:
> Again: Thank you!

Do you have a nice place to document it ? 

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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