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Re: getting w2k in tjener's domain

On Thu, Jul 29, 2004 at 11:31:03AM +0200, Frank Weißer wrote:
> Hi folks!
> Since the docu referes to skolelinux 0.41, but i've got 1.0 installed, i've
> got some short question:
> Who do i get a w2k-client member of the domain?
> I've allready modified dhcpd.conf to lease static01 to this workstatin, using
> the MAC address, and added some users (authority types: admin, teachers) with
> the webmin ldap tool. Then i tried to enter the domain (sorry, i've got a
> german w2k)as w2k-administrator, using the admin-user-login, just entered in
> ldap: access denied.
> Then i added the computer to netgroups  and tried again - same result: trying
> to enter the domain "skolelinux" ends up in: access denied.

The way to add w2k/xp clients is first to run from the command line on
the main server (tjener)
 smbpasswd -a root

then you will have to enter a password. This should not be the same as
the ldap admin password.

Then you should add you clients to the domain by using the root account
with the newly set password when adding to the domain

This should be documented somewhere, but I'm not quite sure were. 

Finn-Arne Johansen 

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