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getting w2k in tjener's domain

Hi folks!

Since the docu referes to skolelinux 0.41, but i've got 1.0 installed, i've
got some short question:
Who do i get a w2k-client member of the domain?
I've allready modified dhcpd.conf to lease static01 to this workstatin, using
the MAC address, and added some users (authority types: admin, teachers) with
the webmin ldap tool. Then i tried to enter the domain (sorry, i've got a
german w2k)as w2k-administrator, using the admin-user-login, just entered in
ldap: access denied.
Then i added the computer to netgroups  and tried again - same result: trying
to enter the domain "skolelinux" ends up in: access denied.

Could you help?



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