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Re: getting w2k in tjener's domain

<zitiere wer="Finn-Arne Johansen">

> The way to add w2k/xp clients is first to run from the command line on
> the main server (tjener)
>  smbpasswd -a root
Thank you, i just succeeded _changing_ the root-password with webmin's

> then you will have to enter a password. This should not be the same as
> the ldap admin password.
...so the two passwords are different.

> Then you should add you clients to the domain by using the root account
> with the newly set password when adding to the domain
ok, but i had added this client using webmin-netgroups _before_. Is this
necessary, does this hurt?

> This should be documented somewhere, but I'm not quite sure were.
That' why i asked here (c:
Again: Thank you!



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