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Re: Week 30 report of Knut Yrvin. Week 31 plans

tirsdag 27 juli 2004, 14:27, skrev Ragnar Wisloff:
> As SLX Debian Labs knows, both Finn-Arne and my employer are
> trying to make a living from supporting Debian-Edu users. Can I
> assume this will be paid work? 

Thats the idea. You probably remember that I asked Jim McQuillan at 
GUADEC 2004 about how to do improvements on th the LTSP-architecture 
with NoMachine and half thick clients. Some companies has contacted SLX 
Debian Labs to get technical and businesslike advice on how to do 
things. Our advice has been to make an realistic requirement 
specification with a plan of the estimated work. From the plan they can 
pay free software developers to do the job - directly or through SLX 
Debian Labs. This has to be done in accordance with GPL (or the other 
free software licenses in uses). 

The point is that many of the firms want a advisory organisation when 
managing this, not an commercial actor. Strangely enough they want us 
to contact the commersial organisation so that they don't need to 
handle the practicalities. This don't exclude Linux Labs, Finn-Arne or 
other people or firms. This includes and booster the possibilities for 
work done by people that wants to contribute to this with pay. 

This three minutes and reports shows the process and the aspirations: 


Currently we are helping a national service provider to deploy a 
centralised day-to-day operation centre with Skolelinux. We do this in 
accordance with the plan of action for 2004 that accompanies The 
Program for Digital Competence 2004-2008 from The Ministry of Education 
and Research. The plans with this has been announced and worked on 
since the autumn 2002, after request from the people in the department, 
or the politicians in Oslo: 


> Is this also meant to be preparation 
> for the no-name company which will take over the market?

No. The LTSP-things has nothing to do with the no-name company. The 
centralised day-to-day best practices is to ensure that The Ministry of 
Education and Research can furfill their own plans in the plan of 
action for 2004 that accompanies The Program for Digital Competence 


Why does you write that somebody would take over the marked? 


Knut Yrvin

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