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Re: Cleaning away old processes (idle-jobb-killer 2)

[Finn-Arne Johansen]
> On Time we kill all processes each night on the thin-client server that
> is not run by either root or daemon. I think that is the script
> night-kill that is run.

Such configuration is rather crude.  Will it kill system daemons
running as their own user? The ijk2 script tries to detect if a given
user is logged in or not, and kill the processes based on this and
other information.  I believe its logic would be interesting to extend
and improve.

> So I'm not sure if the mail to users is of any use. 

Good point.  It should probably be optional to send emails.  But if
such emails are sent, it is a good way for users to detect problems
with their configuration or the way they log out.  At least that is my

> Actually since we've not heard anyone else complaining about #459, I
> take it that not many uses the mail function. 

Yeah. :/

> I guess that is usefull in higher education, but I dont see any
> schools that uses skolelinux, that will use this today. It will
> however help if the Installation is outsourced, and local ICT
> personell is capabel of doing some (junior) admin stuff.

Yes, that part is not really relevant for debian-edu yet.  I just
mentioned it because it is part of the source package.

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