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weekly report week 29 by Knut Yrvin

* Meetings
- Participate in the mini developer-gathering at Forsknigsparken
  Tuesday July the 13'th.
- Telephone-meeting with Vidar Bakke

* Work
- Deliver a application to EU2FOSS
- Make a list over argument to stand against FUD
- Making the overview of the projects SLX Debian Labs facilitates
- Make weekly rapport for week 29 Monday July the 19'th 2004.

* Press
- eWeek about easy thin client deployment and the ease to 
  setup Skolelinux

* Next step 
- Ensure salaries to the o3-translators (w30)
- Make shure that the test-plan of o3 is implemented this and next 
- Making a proposal for a job  description to Andreas Schuldei (w30)
- Making a over all project outline (See weekly report week 27)
- Continue pursuing the financing of the OpenOffice 2.0 translation
  project (w30). Make a report that over whats done, and what to do.
- Take contact with the security and maintenance-team in Skolelinux to
  get a proposal in how we should "flag" the restart-issue when doing
  security patches. A lot of security-fixes don't need restart, but
  the kernel-updates does. (SLX, Debian Edu)
- Taking contact with In/Out and others to make a "save work hours"
  when changing broken SCSI-disks at schools. (TC,IO,SLX)
- Make weekly rapport for week 30 Monday July the 26'th 2004. (KY)
- Making a LTSP, NoMachine, Half-thick-client project-plan. (LTSP-Jim,
  FAJ, RW)
- Making a leadership guide for how to facilitate open source projects
- Following up the question about making Debian Edu weekly news

I'll will prioritize o3-salaries and o3-testplan. Then the
security-patching, and routines to change SCSI-disks in an industrial
way. The rest are paper work that can be done between the rest. It's
important that this is done before July has ended :-)

Knut Yrvin july 19'th 2004

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