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Re: Debian-edu sarge

fredag 16. juli 2004, 14:50, skrev Axel Bojer:
> I dont understand what you mean here. Is it a Problem to get OOo to
> work as multiusers under Sarge?

Newer reused computers have more CPU-power. This can be utilised more. 
Finn-Arne working with the "half thin client" approach in the new LTSP 
(version 4). If he succeed, we can get more "bang" for the money. 

Some media-intensive flash-applications really need a lot bandwith 
between the X-server and the client. When running this on the local 
hardware, it reduses the need for bandwith between the LTSP-server and 
the clients in a thin-client setup. 

Java runtime environment (jre) really takes a lot of CPU when using some 
net-centric applications. It's some of the same effect as with flash. 
When moving the jre to the local CPU at the client, the workload is 
handled there.

- Knut 

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