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Re: Needs for auto-generation of dhcpd.conf?

Hi Finn-Arne,

thanks for replying :)

On Tuesday 13 July 2004 23:28, Finn-Arne Johansen wrote:
> I think someone did write something like this,

In case you remember WHO it was, please tell us :)

> But I dont think they put it into a package or a tool, and its not in
> our CVS. Anyone can contribute to Skolelinux, either by comitting
> something to our CVS, or by contributing with a debian package into
> Debian.

This is more or less what is said in the section
which, alas, is not tranlated into English yet (neither its subpages).

Contributing debian packages is virtually an independant way for 
everyone, practically you won't get into stable with a new package 
nowardays. Even for people who are experienced with scripting, it takes 
some efforts to build an acceptet package from what I can tell.

Applying for CVS access might be easier a way. For people who are 
uncertain with English, it is still an obstacle, I suppose. 

Couldn't anybody act as an mediator here? People hand in their scripts, 
and then we decide if to take them? Or is everybody in vacations, 
now? :)

9 more days to go myself ;)

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