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Re: Q: Hard Disc Layout for Tjener? (Raid)

Am Dienstag, den 13. Juli hub Ralf Gesellen'setter folgendes in die Tasten:

Hi Ralf!

> Hi and thanks for your hints.

> I'll buy 4 disks 36 GB each - this is the maximum amount of free slots 
> in a FSC TX150. Klaus advises to use a PCI RAID controller (Adaptec) 
> whilst my dealer says, the on board controller does well. I'd rather 
> trust Klaus herein  - but further opinions are welcome.

It would be wise to use a special RAID controller, to ensure, that the
card does what it should :)
Adaptec might be a good choice.

> Can I run 4 disks in a RAID-5 Array?

You can use > 3 disc in RAID 5.

> How much space I get if I have 36GB disks?

Calculate RAID sizes:

RAID 0: (Striping)
 * at least two discs.
 * Summerize all disc sizes.
 * If one disc failes, GAME OVER.

RAID 1: (Mirroring)
 * two disc (normally equal size)
 * Size of the smaller disc (maximum the size of one disc,
   if they have the same size.
 * If one disc failes, replace it and be happy.

RAID 5: (distributed space management)
 * at least 3 disc (normally equal size)
 * If all disc have the same size
   size(RAID) = (n - 1 / n) * disc size.
 * If one disc failes, replace it and be happy.

So you would have ~108GB useable space.

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