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Re: Q: Hard Disc Layout for Tjener? (Raid)

Dear experts :)

On Friday 09 July 2004 23:49, Thomas Templin wrote:
> Make shure that:
> a) you will be able to can get this disks over the next year, if you
> will have to restore a broken disk, e.g.
> or
> b) buy 3 + 1 disk, +1 as spare disk.
>      It's always good to have your repair kit filed up propperly
> _before_ you will need it.

Hi and thanks for your hints.

I'll buy 4 disks 36 GB each - this is the maximum amount of free slots 
in a FSC TX150. Klaus advises to use a PCI RAID controller (Adaptec) 
whilst my dealer says, the on board controller does well. I'd rather 
trust Klaus herein  - but further opinions are welcome.

Can I run 4 disks in a RAID-5 Array? How much space I get if I have 36GB 

Thanks for your advice


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