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Re: Q: Hard Disc Layout for Tjener?

On Friday 09 July 2004 23:03, Ralf Gesellen'setter wrote:
> I am going to order a really powerfull server machine that will serve as
> Tjener (no X). Klaus gave me several hints - and now I think about a
> system that includes an extra PCI RAID conroller with at least 3 SCSI
> platters under RAID-5.
Make shure that:
a) you will be able to can get this disks over the next year, if you will have
    to restore a broken disk, e.g.
b) buy 3 + 1 disk, +1 as spare disk. 
     It's always good to have your repair kit filed up propperly _before_ you
     will need it.
> I expect their size to be like 36 GB each (hot plug). This is sufficient
> for the main installation, ldap, logfiles, backup etc. - but regarding
> up to 1000 home directories - plus possible CD images in case we
> integrate windows clients (cd deamon tools, hd images) - I'd plea for
> at least 100 GB.
So I would recommend a raid5 System with 5 Disks. A rebuild wil be a lot 
faster and its more robust than a 3disk raid5

> Now, I consider different options, as the price for having that space on
> scsi platters seems way too much:
You know that some hardware vendors offer special conditions for shools and 
So do HP and SUN, AFAIK. IBM and others might have the same conditions.
And even IPC Vortex did so in the past.

> i) have an additional IDE HD for home0 and samba shares
>    (problem: where to backup? data loss?)
- a back up server
- a bootable tape drive
> ii) have an extra file server
>    (only for samba? or also for NFS/home0? feasable with skolelinux?)
If you think about a standalone nfs server you should think about afs instead 
of nfs


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