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Q: Hard Disc Layout for Tjener?

Dear List,

I am going to order a really powerfull server machine that will serve as 
Tjener (no X). Klaus gave me several hints - and now I think about a 
system that includes an extra PCI RAID conroller with at least 3 SCSI 
platters under RAID-5.

I expect their size to be like 36 GB each (hot plug). This is sufficient 
for the main installation, ldap, logfiles, backup etc. - but regarding 
up to 1000 home directories - plus possible CD images in case we 
integrate windows clients (cd deamon tools, hd images) - I'd plea for 
at least 100 GB.

Now, I consider different options, as the price for having that space on 
scsi platters seems way too much:

i) have an additional IDE HD for home0 and samba shares
   (problem: where to backup? data loss?)

ii) have an extra file server 
   (only for samba? or also for NFS/home0? feasable with skolelinux?)

Thank you in advance for your opinions


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