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Re: Skolelinux CDs

>tirsdag 13. juli 2004, 03:21, skrev David Turner:
>> I've written a sample offer, which you can use:

>> "Anyone can get the full source code for this package at [url], or
>> by sending a request including a mailing address and $[actual cost of
>> copying] to [snail-mail and/or email address]. This offer expires
>> [date]."

>My first try: 

>Anyone can get the full source code for this packages at 
><URL:http://developer.skolelinux.no/cvsusage.html>, or by sending a 
>request including a mailing address and 2,5 EURO* to 
>cd(at)skolelinux.no. This offer expires July 2'th 2009. 

>* NOTE: the cost of a CD with shipping was initially intended for people 
>who live in Norway. Posting CD's to foreign destinations may cost more.

>Comments are appreciated ...

>- Knut Yrvin

Lets hope the free market comes to rescue here.

The postage alone from Norway is NOK 21,-
At todays free market value estimated at: EUR 2.48221

An increase in localized suppliers of CDRs is hopefully
due in the near future.
Ï don't think people in Poland or China will be entirely happy
with Norwegian Prices :-)

An international page listing different suppliers worldwide
at different prices would be helpful.

Maybe the page on www.knoppix.org listing suppliers would be 

Jim Oksvold

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