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Re: Joint statement about debian edu participation from the GUADEC 2004

Hi Knut, sorry for your efforts. May I add some slight corrections?

Am Freitag 02 Juli 2004 16:14 schrieb Knut Yrvin:
> I took the liberty to translate the phrase "Gemeinsame
> Presseerklärung" to "Gemeinsame aussage". It's not an

"Aussage" sounds strange here - make it just "Erklärung" (Declaration) 
then! "Aussage" is what witnesses do on the police station....

> presseerklärung, it's an joint statement even if it looks alike ;-).
> I also included the words "frei und" to the "der Frei und
> Open-Source-Entwicklung". Skolelinux emphasize Free Software. But

You can't put it this way in German. Rather: "der Entwicklung von Freier 
Software und Open Source"

> some contributors and people don't recognize the difference, so to
> include everything, we also mention the the open source term.


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