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Re: Fwd: [slx-www-int] Download area

On Friday 02 July 2004 21:38, Alex Brasetvik wrote:
> About donations and regional Skolelinux teams.
> ---------- Forwarded message ----------
> From: Thomas Templin <templin@gnuwhv.de>
> Date: Fri, 2 Jul 2004 21:31:46 +0200
> Subject: [slx-www-int] Download area
> To: www-int@skolelinux.no
> On the download pages is only a link to downloadable images.
> http://www.skolelinux.org/portal/get_started/download
> I think this might be a place to ask for donation.
> We offered Skolelinux on CDR at LinuxTag Karlsruhe for 5,-EUR.
> And in most cases I got more than 5EUR
> I think it will be a good idea to ask for a donation plus shipping.
> E.G. in Norway, Germany, France, ... every country where skolelistas could
> be found.
> This may have two (four) positive aspects:
> 1) We talk about the need for donation. If you don't ask for donation you
>      won't get some is my experience.
> 2) We can put a customers focus on regional Skolelinux Teams all over
> Europe.
> 3) We avoid downloads, which have to be payed, even if a download is
> sponsored 4) We may be abe to establish a way to spread Skolelinux CDR's in
> countries wher bandwith and internet conections are not as good and
> available as in Europe. In Africa, Middle East, South America,...
>     In the Moment I think of Africa, there is no infrastructure at all. And
> it might be a way to help developers in this countries.
> I'm working on a german text for this, hope to finish it 'til Sunday.
May I add some suggestions which might be interesting from a more Debian point 
of viev.
It may occur that people will mention that shipping costs only for one 
Skolelinux CDR are too expensive.
So it might be interesting to think about offering Debian Sarge DVD's like 
Debian did at LinuxTag Karlsruhe. The LinuxTag DVD Set will be an other 
interesting offer which will help LinuxTag e.V. in Germany. And so is the 
Debian Merchandise.

When thinking about adding Debian Sarge DVD, LinuxTag DVD's and other stuff we 
are quite close to a Debian store.

I myself would prefer such an offer, could it be a way to bring all Debian 
stuff to a wider audience. In my eyes it don't look good that you have to 
seek for Debian CD's, Merchandise and others on different places.

A single "Debian market place" could be a way to which every Debian Project 
could link to _and_ a way to represent the whole pallette of debian 
"products" in one place.

And it will make it easier to cordinate cash bookings. If every project will 
sale Debian Merchandise it wil be much more coordination which has to be done 
for every singel project than doing this from one "Debian Market Place".

Stefan Richter from freiheit.com Germany has set up www.bookzilla.de which is 
a shop for selling books and to donate a percentage to the FSF Europe. 
Such a shop, for CD's and Debian Merchandise, might be a way where Debian 
stuff could be saled.

I think time has come to think about this also under the aspect of Debian user  
activation / motivation. Here in Germany and in Europe there are more and 
more cities and counties, companies and private users which are using Debian 


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