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Re: squeak

Am 18.03.2004 um 09:36 schrieb Hilaire Fernandes:

Le mar 16/03/2004 à 23:49, Kurt a écrit :

LinEx, the spanish Debian based Distribution, 66 000 computers in
primary schools in Estremadura, is using squeak. We saw it in Malaga
and they told us, that apple has given them the right to use it.

Is Squeak working in Spanish?

Yes. In fact, the Spanish-speaking community is very strong, and leading the internationalization efforts together with the Japanese. Check out

The Etoy subsystem (the kids environment) has had translations for years. If you try the projects at
you will find a language button in the navigation bar. (Hopefully the browser plugin will work, I haven't looked at it for a while - feel free to report problems to me).

The next Squeak release (3.7, currently in beta) has official support for translating the whole UI, and translations exist for various languages.

One community effort was the translation of the Squeakers DVD (http://www.squeakersfilm.org/), this revised edition will be available soon. It contains subtitles in 12 languages, see

- Bert -

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