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Re: squeak

> > 
> > Of course there are licensing issues as a result of all this.
> do you have some more insight in this? can you estimate how fast
> this can be resolved?
> is the process moving forward at all? in what direction?

I guess you are mssing my point.  

I am having an emotional reaction to seeing debian-edu working up a concern
over this issue.

I am not an ideological person.  But I had watched what was happening with
squeak and Disney with true horror.  The effort of Disney would have been antithetical to anything beyond making $ doing "educational" stuff.  Not because
they are evil, but because the mission there is to make $.  There is no other mission, and little other concern.

Mr. Kay was in a 4 year alliance with Disney.  If he was doing his job, he was helping further Disney's agenda.  It is unrelated - in the extreme - , I believe, with debian-edu's agenda. He has moved on, to another large corporate environment, where a new layer of issues as to squeak's pedigree and legal postion are likely to be added. 

Why does debian-edu care to be involved? Why do they choose to "do business" with Mr. Kay.


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