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Re: squeak

* Hilaire Fernandes <cddp40.tice@ac-bordeaux.fr> [040318 10:10]:

> Le mar 16/03/2004 à 23:49, Kurt a écrit :
> > LinEx, the spanish Debian based Distribution, 66 000 computers in
> > primary schools in Estremadura, is using squeak. We saw it in Malaga
> > and they told us, that apple has given them the right to use it.
> Is Squeak working in Spanish? 

look at LinEx

and in englisch and 

german ;-)

> The last time I try it a couple of year ago I found it was working only
> in English, therefore I found the tool - while amazing - unappropriate
> for kids under ~15 years old. Well in France it probably means
> unappropriate for teacher aswell :( 

i dont think so ;-)

> But maybe I miss something in the setup of squeak to get it in native
> tongue, in that case I will be happy to re-test and provide
> demonstration of the tools to teacher around there.

try it, it is like drugs ;-)

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