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Re: squeak

* ajsiegel@optonline.net (ajsiegel@optonline.net) [040316 23:30]:
> > > 
> > > Of course there are licensing issues as a result of all this.
> > 
> > do you have some more insight in this? can you estimate how fast
> > this can be resolved?
> > 
> > is the process moving forward at all? in what direction?
> I guess you are mssing my point.  

yes, obviously. and vice versa, perhaps?

> Why does debian-edu care to be involved?

We want good educational software for our kids/endusers.
We do prefer free software.

> Why do they choose to "do business" with Mr. Kay.

well, i think i can speak for the absolut majority of debian-edu
that we did not even know of the existance for Mr. Kay until you
mentioned him. we took the initiative to push for a license
change for squeak because we would like to distribute it. Does
that imply doing buissness with him?

The point in my mail was that i was hoping for a time estimate of
the process to change the squeak license towards a DFSG compatible

i did not care about disneys past involvement specifically
because i concluded from the wiki page in the previous mail that
the squeak people were on top of things and some kind of licence
changing process was underway. i thought you were watching things
more closely and could provide further information 

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