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Re: Proposal for the norwegian bokmål langcode transition for po-debconf

[Denis Barbier]
> An experimental po-debconf is available at
>   http://people.debian.org/~barbier/tmp/po-debconf_0.8.9_all.deb
> It implements the following proposal:
>       no.po | nb.po 
>       ------+------
>         0   |   0     Silent, as there is no translation present.
>         1   |   0     Warn, request that the file is renamed from
>             |         no.po to nb.po.  Prints -no localized fields.
>         0   |   1     Prints -nb and -no localized fields.
>         1   |   1     Warn, request that no.po is removed.  Prints -nb
>             |         and -no localized fields (might be different).

Thank you.  It worked fine.  I hope the warnings are discovered by the
package maintainers, and that the messages are clear enough.

> If would be great if someone wrote some text to put in po2debconf(1)

Here is a first try, for including at the end of the DESCRIPTION

  To help the language code transition for Norwegian Bokmaal, the 'no'
  and 'nb' language codes are handled specially.  If 'no.po' exists,
  it should be renamed to 'nb.po'.  Using 'nb.po' will make both -no
  and -nb translations available in the templates file.

> ;) Please check also the changelog entry.

This text look good to me:

  * Official language code for Norwegian Bokmål is redefined from "no"
    to "nb".  Petter Reinholdtsen asked on debian-edu@l.d.o. that
    po-debconf helps this transition; po2debconf now prints a warning
    if no.po exists (and generates Field-no localized fields), and
    when nb.po is found both -nb and -no localized fields are
    generated.  Norwegian translators are thus encouraged to rename
    their no.po files into nb.po to provide the best support for
    users.  Closes: #235756

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