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Re: Proposal for the norwegian bokmål langcode transition for po-debconf

[Denis Barbier]
> Hi Petter, I will do what you request, this is a rather trivial
> change, but please give me detailed instructions for all cases (1
> means that the file is present, 0 it is missing):
>     no.po | nb.po 
>     ------+------
>       0   |   0

Silent, as there is no translation present.

>       1   |   0 

Warn, request that the file is renamed from no.po to nb.po.

>       0   |   1 

Silent, as everything is OK.

>       1   |   1  ->  maybe with subcases to test if files are symlinks,
>                      different, ...

Warn, as the two files are supposed to be only one file.  If you fix
your package to use nb.po for both 'nb' and 'no', I see no reason to
have both files present, and believe one of the should be removed to
make sure the effort is spent keeping only one file up to date.

> I have almost no opinion on how to handle such a transition, you can
> discuss this issue with other interested people and tell me what to
> do when you come to a consensus.

Unless someone protests, I suggest you implement my suggestion from

> AFAICT people should be discouraged from using the _NO variants
> (there is no need to be more specific than needed) so they were not
> considered in the table above.

I agree.

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