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Re: Status, progress and remaining problems for our upcoming Plone site.

Use language codes in the URL, like no.skolelinux.org, dk.skolelinux.org
 and de.skolelinux.org. Using mod_rewrite, what zope recieves is

This works, but that requires "somedocument" to actually have those
translations. That's not acceptable - it should return the content of
the fallback language -- English -- if a translation doesn't exist. I'm
working on this issue, but I need help. If you know python and plone or
zope and would like to help out, please send me a mail.

I've talked to the developer of the I18N module we're using, and he says
it, for some reason, will be a complex hack to make this possible.

So right now I'm out of ideas on how to make our multi lingual pages
cacheable. :-(

Alex Brasetvik

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