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Re: Proposal for the norwegian bokmål langcode transition for po-debconf

[Petter Reinholdtsen]
>> [Denis Barbier]
>> I understand what you wrote about warnings against obsolete PO
>> files, but this is a different issue.  In base-config, you copy
>> nb.po to no.po so that translated templates files contain -no and
>> -nb fields.  So my question is: do you want po2debconf to insert
>> both -no and -nb fields when no.po is found? when nb.po is found?
> Ah, I see.  No, I only want it to insert both when nb.po is present.
> When only no.po is present, I want a warning and only -no inserted.
> This way I hope to get as many as possible to change to nb.po.

An experimental po-debconf is available at

It implements the following proposal:
      no.po | nb.po 
        0   |   0     Silent, as there is no translation present.
        1   |   0     Warn, request that the file is renamed from
            |         no.po to nb.po.  Prints -no localized fields.
        0   |   1     Prints -nb and -no localized fields.
        1   |   1     Warn, request that no.po is removed.  Prints -nb
            |         and -no localized fields (might be different).

I will upload it to unstable in a couple of days.  If would be great
if someone wrote some text to put in po2debconf(1) ;)
Please check also the changelog entry.

PS: Please keep Cc'ing me

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