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Re: Not a discussion list?

Hilaire Fernandes wrote:

Don't worry about kde or gnome Desktop. After Skolelinux is installed
you can install Gnome 2.2 backported packages. I am using it actually
with 3 thin clients - connected with a 10Mbs link - open to public
access to browse in our library database and in the Internet, and so far
so good.

What Markus said about Gnome been not kind with X traffic was true with
version of Gnome < 2.0. A lot of effort has been done in this area

This is quite interesting. When I did my initial testing, Gnome used far more bandwidth than KDE. This was due to a fundamental design choice in Gnome where it used a lot of bitmaps for display purposes. KDE and QT relied more on X primitives and did not push bitmaps on the network to the same extent. Also the Gnome native display manager was badly broken in thin client service, causing all sorts of problems with more than a few clients. This led us to continue using KDE as we originally agreed during the initial founding meeting of Skolelinux.

Since then (two years ago or so) I have not revisited the issue. Could you expand on the changes with Gnome?

Still, moving to Gnome using backports is not an option, we are sticking to the stable packages.

However I have not conducted test in large scale area with Gnome 2.2 in
production. If you can do so and let us know about it, it will be a very
valuable contribution. But may be some other users have done so (Klaus
Johnstad ?)

I'd also be interested in this issue.

Med vennlig hilsen
Ragnar Wisløff
Life is a reach. Then you gybe.

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